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JUMBLE Pro Anagram Word Puzzle


This is an ad-free version of android's most popular classic Jumble word game with over 8000+ clean, good quality words. It features more screen space, bigger buttons and needs no device permissions.Rearrange the letters to form a proper English word. This is different from the Word Search and Word Find games in that you have to use all the letters. Features over 8000+ clean, good quality words! Learn new English words, their meanings and pronunciations with the dictionary link provided. You may speak or spell the word instead of typing. It also supports entering words via your favorite keyboard including swype type..Please note that this game is NOT the same as the popular newspaper jumble, where you need to decipher a phrase after un-jumbling multiple words. Here the words are presented one by one to allow continuous solitary game play..If you are a student or teacher, try the Word Power mode with tougher words that feature in English tests such as GRE, TOEFL and SAT. A review feature is available for you to revisit the words you played recently and lookup the meanings..Promises hours of fun, even while learning... Try out the pro version of android's most popular word jumble today!
Permissions:None! Does not require any device permissions.